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Chief Executive
Ivie is a management accountant who has always been passionate about helping people find work. Throughout her career, she has worked in various industries, from finance to healthcare, and she has always been drawn to the human side of the business. She always believed that finding the right job is more than matching skills with job requirements; it’s about finding the right fit between employer and employee.
Her interest in recruitment started early in her career. As a young accountant, she often found herself counselling friends and colleagues on their job searches, offering advice on everything from resume writing to interview skills. Over time, she realized that this was more than just a hobby – it was a calling.

After years of working as a procurement and finance analyst, she decided to take the plunge and start her own recruitment agency. She knew Starting a business would be challenging, but she is passionate about her vision and believe she has the skills and experience to succeed.
Her first step was to do her research. She spent months studying the recruitment industry, analyzing trends and best practices, and identifying gaps in the market. She also sought out advice from other business owners, attending networking events and seeking out mentors who could offer guidance and support.

With a solid plan in place, she launched her recruitment agency. She focused on building relationships with clients and candidates alike, taking the time to know their needs and goals to make the best possible matches. She also leveraged her accounting background to offer unique insights into the financial side of hiring, helping clients to make informed decisions about compensation and benefits.

As her business grew, she hired a team of recruiters to help her manage the workload. She remained hands-on, however, overseeing every aspect of the company and ensuring that her team shared her vision and commitment to assisting people to find work.

One of the keys to her success was her ability to adapt to changing market conditions. She closely monitored trends in the industry, adjusting her approach as needed to stay ahead of the curve. For example, when the job market became more competitive, She offered more coaching and training services to help candidates improve their skills and stand out.

Another factor in her success was her dedication to building a solid brand. She knew that to attract top clients and candidates, she needed to establish herself as a trusted authority in the recruitment industry. Ivie invested in marketing and public relations, leveraging social media and other channels to promote her business and showcase her expertise.
Over time, her recruitment agency became known as a go-to resource for both clients and candidates. Ivie has earned a reputation for her professionalism, integrity, and commitment to helping people find the right job. Ivie business is growing steadily, and She hope to expand into new markets and industries, always keeping her eye on the big picture and striving to impact the lives of those she serves positively.

Looking back on her career as a management accountant and entrepreneur, Ivie is proud of her impact. She knew that starting her recruitment agency was a risky move, but She believe that it was the right one. Ivie has found a way to combine her passion for helping people with her business acumen, creating a successful and fulfilling career that allows her to make a difference in the world.

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